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 What Gems to Use

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What Gems to Use Empty
PostSubject: What Gems to Use   What Gems to Use Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2012 5:53 am

HP Gem: Raise your HP. This is one of the most important gem in Wartune. Make sure that each of your gears have a HP gem slotted.
MDEF and PDEF Gem: Socket these gems to improve your Wartune character’s physical and magic defenses.
Crit Gem – Raises the critical chance. By raising the critical chance, you will improve your overall damage output.

MATK – Magic attack gem. Your mage is all about the magic attacks.

Knight and Archer Class
PATK – Physical attack gem. You want more PATK on your archers to achieve the maximum damage. For knight, you want a mix of PATK and DEF until you can make additional slots.

Block gem. This gem affects block which is the same as dodge. This gem is less useful until you have really high overall block rating on your character.

Charisma gem – Raises the troop count. This is important especially in crypt setting at very high levels. With stronger Wartune troops health, they can last longer in boss fights and support you better.
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What Gems to Use
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