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 Catacomb Bosses

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PostSubject: Catacomb Bosses   Catacomb Bosses Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2012 4:24 am

When going into catacombs be prepared to use runes and potions if needed.

Level 5: Bloodthirsty Narosa
-Weapon: Claws
-HP: 1x
-Bite (normal, 1x)
-Bite (continuous, 3x)

Level 10: Lawrence the Wretched
-Weapon: Hammer
-HP: 1x
-Rush attack (normal)
-Swinging overhead (2x dmg)

Level 15: Faen the Cursed
-Weapon: Staff
-HP: 1x
-Staff hit (normal)
-1 hit projectile
-Debuff PATK & MATK

Level 20: Rontao the Bastile
-Weapon: Dual Short Axes
-HP: 2x
-Axe across face (normal)
-Axe across face 2x
-Axe hit back row 2x
-Increase PATK 100%

Level 25: Kelon the Insane
-Weapon: Claws
-HP: 2x
-Claw hit (normal)
-Debuff Pdef and Dmg -15

Level 30: Landosa the Bloodthirsty
-Weapon: Wings
-HP: 2x
-Wing Hit (normal)
-Spray Hit
-Wing Aero (hit any random target)

Level 35: Bulagor the Fallen
-Weapon: Sword
-HP: 2x
-Sword Swing
-Lightning (hits all)
-Increase Matk 15%
-Healing at low HP (Note: Easier to fight because of less attacks)

Level 40: Marcoli the Immortal
-Weapon: Sword
-HP: 2x
-Sword Swing: 3-hit single target magic attack
-2 self-buffs: Increase dmg by 30%, Decrease dmg received by 30%)

Level 45: Anderon the Exile
-Weapon: Staff
-HP: 2x
-AOE magic dmg to single target and steals HP
-Storm attack at Low HP for high dmg (Bring Runes, intellect potions for mdef)

Level 50+: Fearful Faye
-Weapon: Tentacles & Lasers
-HP: 3x
-Eyeball Gaze: Attack anywhere 1 person 1 time (normal)
-Tentacles: Attack 1 person 3x
-Lightning Bolt: Hits 1 team member 1x
-Laser Cannon: AoE hits all 5x, along with 3 debuff. (atk, def, mdef)

This is the final boss that you will face every five levels for the remainder of Forgotten Catacombs. Like all other bosses, its level will match the level you're currently on. Gains additional HP bar as of level 90.
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Catacomb Bosses
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